My passion for technology dates back to kindergarten, but my real programming journey began in 2016 with JavaScript. As a self-taught developer, I gained my skills through open-source contributions, as well as reading various project documentations and blog posts.

Past experience

I was the first engineering hire at myPolitics, a Polish startup focused on promoting civic attitudes and political education. Additionally, I had also been one of the core maintainers of node-fetch, a popular Node.js library.

Before that, I briefly studied computer science at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, Poland.


I’m the founder of Parsify and a full stack developer at Omni Calculator.


I participated in Hack The North, North America’s largest hackathon, several times (both online and in-person). I also appeared on the JS Party podcast, with a conversation featured in Nadia Eghbal’s book Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software.


Outside of work, I enjoy traveling and reading fiction, especially the works of Steinbeck, Hemingway, and Coetzee.


You can connect with me on 𝕏, GitHub, LinkedIn, and Mastodon.

— Antoni Kępiński